CEO Greetings

Thank you all for visiting DAEHAN Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.

With a firm determination to protect the land of beautiful scenery and our global environment, DAEHAN Environment Engineering is committed to the development of new technologies and multidisciplinary methods to solve environmental problems more technologically and comprehensively.
We are pursuing a Total Environmental Solution that measures and reviews the environmental aspects on design, construction, measurement, management, experiment, licensing processes and their impact on the human body.

Through a multidisciplinary review of technology and research personnel accumulated over 30 years, Korean Environment ENGINE aims to contribute to environmental improvement by developing the lowest cost and optimal treatment methods, and the best goal is that "Our future generations, as well as us, have the best quality of life anywhere in the world." and we will visit and resolve environmental issues anywhere in the world.

Thank you.

DAEHAN Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.