Installation of air pollutant prevention facility

Installation of air pollutant prevention facility
  • Cyclone, Multi-Cyclone, Bag filter, Wet Scrubber, Packed tower, Odor control facilities / Incineration facilities

  strengths weaknesses

Cyclone(Multi Cyclone)
- Low costs of installation, easy repair, available in installing small area
- Advantageous in treating particle substances and concentrated dust
- Low pressure loss, available of treating hot gas
- Low removal efficiency for dust in small particle sizes
- Sensitive to the change of flow rate High pressure loss

BAG Filter
- Available of collecting dust in small particle sizes (up to 99%)
- Treating particle substances
- Low maintenance costs
- Pre-cooling required for hot gas
- High costs of installation
- Cohesion of wet dust
- High costs for installation and operation of facilities

Packing Tower
- Available of simultaneous treating particle and gaseous substances
- Reduced danger of dust explosion
- Capable of cooling and cleaning wet gas
- Capable of neutralizing corrosive gas
- Occurrence of corrosion, abrasion and waste water (Occurrence of waste water disposal costs)
- Occurrence of white smoke in case of hot gas
- Occurrence of freezing in case of installing outdoors in Winter

A/C Tower
- Up to 99% removal of organic solvents
- Removal of bad odor or organic solvent gases
- Excess costs of replacing active carbon for high-concentration gas
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