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Installation & Operation Permit Approval

The procedure for approval related to the environment

The procedure for approval related to the environment

Common preparation materials of the Client companies when writing out documents

  • Existing certificate of completion of report or a copy of license (Excluding first report, permission)
  • A copy of certificate of business registration
  • Production flow chart and process instruction
  • Raw materials and production
  • MSDS data of raw materials used
  • Drawings of job site, machine layout and discharge facilities
    ※ There might be a difference among preparation data depends on the field of environment approval

Agency's review for approval process and items to prepare (based on provided material)

  • Review on the possible region for installation of environmental discharge facilities
  • Review of kinds and estimation of generation Q'ty of pollutants possible to occur at the relevant facilities
  • Choosing control equipment and reviewing efficiency
  • Design and calculation for control facilities and choosing the capacity of accessory facilities
  • Preparing a maintenance plan for control facilities (Air pollution)
  • Calculating the generation of pollutants (wastes etc.) and how to dispose of them
  • Preparing drawings to be attached for preventive facilities, etc.